Ticks Cause Lyme Disease and More

Around 30,000 new cases of Lyme disease are diagnosed in the U.S. every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC.) Almost all of the cases of Lyme disease were caused by tick bites. Many people do not realize that ticks carry Lyme disease or that it is so easy to transmit to a human host. Lyme disease can be very serious and have numerous complications. That is why scheduling professional tick control service is so important.

When professionals treat the house for ticks, there is one less thing to worry about at night. You can go out and enjoy the lawn and the fun activities that make you happy whenever you would like and never fear being bitten by a tick. Your animals also enjoy that same freedom. Do not mistakenly believe that ticks are found only in wooded areas. This simply isn’t true. They are likely in your front lawn right now.

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Professional tick control service can treat current tick infestations and prevent them before they become a problem. Just let the professional know what you need when requesting a quote. They’ll bring all the right treatment products to the home so this pest no longer threatens your family. Need another reason to schedule residential tick control greenville? Lyme disease is just the most popular disease that ticks transmit, not the only one.

That’s right. You can catch other diseases from a tick bite in addition to Lyme disease.  Ticks are very dangerous to humans and to animals alike. This parasite does not serve any purpose to your life or to the home. Do not take the risk of being infected by Lyme disease or another virus/disease when expert help is one phone call away.